Simons IMAX Theater

Ever been inside an IMAX theater? They are pretty crazy. The sounds and clarity of the screen make you feel as if you are really there in that moment experiencing everything that the screen is offering you. As of right now the New England Aquariums, Simons IMAX theater is offering three different choices.”Humpback Whales”, “Jean Michel […]

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(More) Ocean Photography

So last time I posted about the power behind photography and how it can help save the oceans, I never really mentioned the simplicity of it. Everything I said in my The Role of Photography post was true however, I never really talked about how easy it is to just look at pictures. I am […]

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Turtle Update!

Hey Guys! So I decided to check out what has been going on back home on the cape with all of the sea turtles now that we are well into the Fall season. As I wrote in a post previous to this, Sea Turtles try to get out of the Cape Cod Bay during this […]

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New Zealand Starts Waving

New Zealand is on their way to creating a 620,000 square km sea sanctuary. It will be located about 1,000 km off the shores of New Zealand and surround the Kermadec Islands. This newly protected area already contains several different animals that are vital to the success of biodiversity in the oceans. According to […]

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